Due to the current COVID-19 situations all group meditations are conducted online. You can attend the sessions via zoom.

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Sun 9:00 am


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Daily Master Sessions - Sun-Fri: 8:30pm / Sat:10:30pm  

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All other meditations at other centers will be conducted at regular times remotely without zoom. (For more information see Programs)

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Topic- Designing Destiny
When- 7:00 pm CST every Friday

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From the complexity of mind to the simplicity of heart.

If you knew there was a practical way to transcend suffering and fly into the sky of hope and contentment, would you be interested?

That is exactly what Heartfulness offers – transforming us from the inside out so that we see the world in a new way, without the filters of our limitations.

                                                             -Kamlesh D.Patel
                                                           Joshua Pollock




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